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Purely Obsessive

Purely Obsessive follows on from 2013's Sinister A (available from Fourier Transform records). It is a mix of fiction and non-fiction, exploring the wider context of OCD, and dispelling myths about this often-misunderstood illness. David explores the individual obsessions evident even in those without an OCD diagnoses, with the aim of demonstrating how OCD is an extension of thoughts and behaviours visible in everyone.

It is also intended to be a resource for young people experiencing the lesser-known compulsive behaviours, e.g. ritualistic thinking, religious scrupulosity and other 'less visible' forms of OCD. Within this wider context, David taps into the underlying issues of self identity, referencing his own musical obsessions, and explores the link with physical spaces and memory.

Purely Obsessive is due for release in 2018. For more information please contact David.
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