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The Shadow
by Tiger Mendoza and David Griffiths
Music/collaborative work
Released April 2016

With exclusive artwork by Ian Norris

A contender for best Oxford album of the year.. a serious statement of intent (Nightshift)

The Shadow - Official Promo Video
by Tiger Mendoza and David Griffiths
Video/music/collaborative work
Released January 2016

Taken from the previous Live at Safehouse session video, but with additional post-production, this was to promote The Shadow LP released later that year.
Live with Will Banks @ BBC Radio Oxford
by The Oxford Roots Ramble
Video/music/contribution (U-Bass, video production)
Released January 2016

A live performance of Cotton Fields by Lead Belly at BBC Radio Oxford, broadcast as part of a New Year's Day one-hour Roots Ramble special hosted by Will Banks.
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